Honestly that really hurt to see Grant not with Taylor.

Seriously to be with her for years and to tour with her, be in music videos and perform at award shows, just to be fired must hurt so fucking much.


waiting to see what taylor wears to any event is always so stressful


To me this was the most powerful part of the entire song/video and just summed up what she was trying to capture in Shake It Off. This is sososo important because this isnt only aimed at her haters, but for her fans and everyone listening, to celebrate individuality and dismiss the haters like Taylor. Like the emotion in her face is so surreal & captures the message shes trying to convey basically.

Yes! I love this part! I make sure I sing it every time it comes up. Something about it makes me feel like she talking to ME, and that means more to me than she’ll ever know.

Oh, Taylor

I go on too many dates. But I can’t make them stay.


the new devil inside movie looks so good